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Shenna: This singer/songwriter, has performed in front of thousands across North America and Europe


Meet our Heroine:

Shenna Somsmieh

Artist Name:


Describe your musical style:

Pop, Indie, Vibrant

When did you get into music and become an artist?

I started singing at the young age of 7

Who are your major influences?

Corinne Bailey Rae because she is so authentic and true to her music. I also am influenced by jazz music, Bruno Mars, and Lady Gaga!

What was your first musical memory as a kid?

My first musical memory, as a kid, was singing with my cousins in front of my family and literally running away after singing because I was so shy!

Do you have a local female musical mentor or inspiration?

I wish I did! I have many local female musicians that inspire me! I love meeting female band members; it literally is so great to see a female rocking the drums, a bass, etc! That is why I love Beyonce’s all female band so much!

What advice do you have for women trying to get into the music scene (locally or otherwise)?

My advice to women trying to get in the music industry is to always remember that we are strong and can unite with other women, in the music business, to get to where we need to be! Also, to remember to be yourself and dress how you express yourself, as an artist! Rihanna and Lady Gaga are true representatives of that statement!

How do you connect to the mission of ProjectHERA?

Honestly, I am so much about uplifting other women and helping one another that ProjectHERA’s mission truly spoke to me!

What are some challenges you face in the music industry - both as a woman and also just as a performer?

I feel the biggest struggle is when you're attending events and wanting to speak with someone, who is connected, but not wanting to be too pushy, but still make an impression. As a women, you do not want to come off wrong, so it's finding a happy balance between being friendly, but professional, if that makes sense.

If you could go back in time, what decade/time period would you want to explore, musically?

I would love to have been an early 90’s pop star! I feel I could have totally been in the Britney, Christina Aguilera era!

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

I would have started putting myself out there as a pre-teen instead of waiting until I graduated from High School!

What’s one lesson you have you learned along the way?

Always stay true to who you are and stop letting others get in your head.

Upcoming Shows: HERA Fest 2019

at City Winery DC on 9/22


All Things Go-Fall Classic

in DC on Oct 13! Please come I go on first!

Also, I am touring Japan in November!

Find Shenna @shennamusic:

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