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Promoting, celebrating, and empowering women and girls in music.

Welcome to ProjectHERA, a DC-based, 501c(3) nonprofit organization for women in music. Our mission is a simple yet passionate one; to provide opportunities for women of all ages to connect and support each other, as well as promote their music to the general public. We place special emphasis on the younger generation of girls, providing performance opportunities that will inspire them to chase their musical dreams! At ProjectHERA, we show girls that there are no limits to what they can play or do and teach the importance of listening to and supporting each other, while providing a creative outlet.


ProjectHERA started with one main idea, to produce a female-focused music festival for all ages; highlighting young artists, as well as seasoned musicians. With the help of many amazing volunteers, the organization has since evolved into hosting curated shows, networking events, workshops, open mics and the annual HERA Music Fest. 


In this traditionally male-dominated industry, ProjectHERA is dedicated to celebrating women in music, as well as empowering young girls to follow their own beat.

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3rd Annual HERA Fest

Winner of Parklife DC's Best Music Festival of 2019!


HERA Fest 2019 was a huge success! Thank you to all of the artists, vendors, volunteers and attendees that made it such a fantastic day!

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